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Oct. 12 2018 release

Over the course of 2017-2018, Jay and his band recorded his latest album: Your Perfect Matador. Working with producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Amelia Curran), the release is slated for the Fall of 2018. 

A collection of  what he refers to as 'deeply personal love songs.' Recorded in Toronto's Union Studios with producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda this promises to deliver Aymar's biggest vision yet.

"This is the album I've long wanted to create. There is an intentional cinematic feel to this record. From the moment I arrive to her graffiti filled village to the moment it fades into the rear view. From hope to pain and back again. It's all here.

Working with a world class producer like Michael  has been an extremely rewarding experience. He has a gift for putting the artist at ease and drawing out the inner musical vision. Or as he puts it: "coaxing performances out of fragile egos" I love that. It really does sum it up. 

Musically I wanted to rock out a bit more as I felt these songs required an edgier feel. The band consists of Champagne James Robertson on lead electric guitar, Robbie Grunwald on keys, Devon Henderson on bass, Michael on drums and myself on rhythm guitar and lead vocals.. Add to that  three of my favourite artists/vocalists/friends (Chloe CharlesAlejandra Ribera and Shakura S'aida) and string arrangements by the legendary Drew Jurecka. How can a guy go wrong with a combo like that? We expect to have it ready for Canadian release in the Fall of 2018."


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