The Greatest Story Never Told - Live

Live at Toronto's Al Green Theatre

Video Bio : Jay Aymar

The Making of Your Perfect Matador

Jay Aymar sits with filmmaker Jake Roels to discuss the making of Your Perfect Mataodr. Includes live footage of the Al Green Theatre CD release cocnert.

My visit to Maude Lewis's replica house

I was inspired by Maude’s art and heard about her replica house not far from where my father was born. I had to check it out. You check it out.

More from the Tech Theatre

A love song in the key of D. You may not love me anymore but that can’t stop me from loving you anyway. Live at the Tech Theatre.

WALLS ARE PAGES (Lyric video)

All I Know 

A cool capture of my song about the mysteries of the universe. The videographer, Mitch Fillion, has a cool vibe. He’s at the centre of so many great live vids in Canada. His site is: Spend some time there. You’ll dig it.


Mitch Fillion found us rehearsing again in between pool games. Check out my bandmates here. Upright bass – Vivienne Wilder. Violin – Sahra Featherstone and on lead acoustic – Joe Ernewein. I’m always humbled by their virtuosity. They’re great people to boot.

Monterey - Live at The Carleton

Here’s a song about my original neighbourhood – Monterey Gardens. It’s really about your original neighbourhood too. Wrote this in one day overlooking the Bay of Fundy in Alma NB. 

My Cherry Coloured Rose - Keep Your Head up Kid  - CBC movie 

Keep Your Head Up Kid – CBC Movie. A soundtrack of my song  My Cherry Coloured Rose - to promo the movie of Don Cherry. Not the jazz musician. The sportscaster. In case you were confused.

Help Me Now - Live at Toronto's Dakota Tavern 

A get together at the legendary Dakota Tavern. Another dance song about heartache. Help Me Now. Check out the band. And the crowd.  See anyone you recognize?

Crow - Live @ Scarborough's Trinity Church

Live at the Trinity Church in Scarborough with my band. We recorded a full CD of songs for my book The Chicken Came First. This song CROW is based on the life and death of an indigenous man I knew. This song has gone so far and back it always blows my mind.

Passing Through - Solo acoustic house concert 

My song Passing Through performed at a house concert a long time ago. A lot of people now sing this song and I’m proud of that.

Always in Her Dreams 

A song about my mom performed somewhere in Alberta. My mom passed away in 2016 on Mother’s Day. She saw this video.

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